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Creative solutions for businesses desiring to reduce their exposure to employment law claims

     The cost to businesses of employment claims by disgruntled employees is staggering. Wrongful termination, discrimination, sexual harassment, retaliation, failure to accommodate...such claims cost thousands of dollars to defend, even if successfully defeated. When they are not, juries often award significant verdicts to employees they believe have been treated unfairly.

    After a 30 year legal career defending employment claims, William Barry founded Employee Relations Consulting, LLP for a single purpose: to offer a low-cost, efficient service designed to prevent employment law claims from occurring, and to put the employer in the best possible position to defeat the claims that can't be avoided. Because of its unique approach, ERC can offer this service at a fraction of the cost involved in traditional legal representation.

    Examples of ERC's services include review proposed discipline or termination for legal compliance and risk assessment; conduct legally-mandated investigations into sexual harassment complaints; guide the required interactive process for accommodation of medical restrictions; and perform other services designed to minimize the risk from employment claims. For a complete list, click on the​ Services tab above.

     We offer a variety of cost structures tailored to the employer's specific need, from a flat fee for the agreed-upon service, to traditional hourly billing at a rate far below most law firms. For businesses with recurring issues, a modest monthly retainer provides unlimited access to ERC's services. 

    Contact Employee Relations Consulting before your little problem becomes a big one.

"This is a great concept. It could save companies like mine a lot of time, trouble and money."

                     Daryl Gault, CEO, Digital Dynamics Corp., Santa Cruz, California